Conditions of Sale


CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE Marble , Travertine, Granite and Limestone are products of nature and no two pieces are exactly alike. you and your installer must inspect the material PRIOR to installation and prepare any blending required to meet owner/buyer approval PRIOR to installation. Absolutely no claims will be accepted for any reason after the material is installed.

All tile sold subject to variation in shade. Absolutely no allowance is made on tile after installation. No guarantees made against crazing. No claims considered unless made within 15 days after receipt of goods. Under no circumstances will our responsibility exceed the cost price of the tile to our customer. No warranties and representations other than representations set forth on this statement, whether expressed or implied in law, are made and, in lieu of such warranties and representations, the sole responsibility of Maui Marble & Granite, Inc. is set forth herein.

PRICES: Prices set forth herein are predicted upon current foreign exchange rate; therefore, all prices are subject to prorate devaluation of rate and increasing shipper's cost. Maui Marble & Granite, Inc. reserves the right to change its prices, terms and conditions of sale without notice. All prices are FOB. Customers shall bear the cost of all freight charges incurred in the shipment of their material to the designated location, unless otherwise noted.

RETURNS: No materials may be returned for credit without prior written authorization. Materials authorized for return are subject to a 20% handling charge plus freight charges. No broken lot cartons accepted as returns. No materials may be returned for credit later than 30 days from the date of invoice and must be accompanied by the relevant invoice.  Absolutely NO RETURNS made on Special Orders.

DELAYS: We cannot be responsible for delays caused by such as strikes, catastrophes, or other delays which are beyond our control.

CLAIMS: For delays, damages, or loss in transit, all claims should be made directly to the transportation company. Owing to the variation in shade, which is inherent in all burned clay products, all claims for color variation or possible defects in materials must be made before work is started. No claims of this nature will be considered after tiles are installed.

CAUTION: When marble is installed on concrete slab at ground level, it is the responsibility of the buyer and installer to be certain slab is dry and cured or damage to marble can occur.

Some types of marble (green marble, Negro Marquina) may present problems such as warping, blistering, and spalling when installed with setting materials containing water. For the installation of these types of marble we strongly recommend the use of a pure, water-free epoxy adhesive.

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